A little bit about us

We are working professionals who love to travel for the adventure and to see sites we've only dreamed of, studied, or heard of in our lovely planet. We have 30+ years of experience traveling to various places without ever having taken any extended time off while working (we get no more than 20 days per year, no sabbaticals or unpaid leave) or while in school. We don't have unlimited budgets, but we do like a bit of comfort, and so we plan accordingly to maximize what we see in the limited time that we have along with our limited funds.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to travel ethically, responsibly, conscientiously, and in as environmentally-friendly of a manner as we can. This means we make the most out of our travels by appreciating where we are and what we see or do; respecting the locals, including the wildlife and vegetation. We travel to enrich our lives because we've learned something new about the place we just visited. We do not travel to collect passport stamps or to brag about it on social media.

About our site

We have found that most travel sites and blogs either attempt to sell you on travel packages and tours or have too much extraneous or incomplete information. We have also encountered a few websites and guides that were user-driven and because the preferences and experiences were too varied and scattered, the information was unhelpful or incorrectly skewed. We strive to be different.

We want to impart what we've learned from our trips in a more concise, data- and fact-driven format as possible so that you can make informed decisions quickly and with less stress while planning your trips. After all, vacations aren't supposed to be stressful. We also strive to minimize the fluff and opinions in the guides but still provide you with our personal experiences in the trip reports which you can learn from by repeating the good and avoiding the bad. We also provide extra resources including but not limited to cultural information pages that can contextualize what you'll be seeing at a particular place.